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We can offer alternative investments for our clients, please contact us if you are interested.



Medical health insurance

What is a medical health insurance?

A medical health insurance covers the expenses which can arise from hospitalization or doctor´s appointment. The insurance coverage is world wide and you have a free choice of hospitals and doctors.


What is covered?

In this medical health insurance you are also able to cover your family members. Four different standard covers, depending on how high the insured sum per year should be and also what the insurance should cover, for example pregnancy and birth. For outpatient treatment you also have four different choices depending of what kind of cover you would like. You therefore have a flexible possibility to adjust the insurance cover to suit you and your family.


If you like to add more coverages it is possible

If you want a medical health insurance through us you can add three other insurances, please see below.

  • Out-patient

  • Medicine

  • Dental insurance

  • Evacuation


Don´t hesitate to contact Tellus so we can find the best insurance solution adapted to your needs. 



Do you have a suggestion  where Tellus should go next time? 

Sometimes Tellus hold seminar abroad and visit new places. We discuss which insurances that are important to have as an expat, as a family or if you are locally employed.

After the seminars you can book a private meeting with Tellus, which of course is free of charge for you as an individual and also for companies.

Please contact us if you have any suggestions where we should go next time.

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