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·         Long Term Disability Pension

·         Health Insurance

·         Life Insurance

·         Retirement Pension

·         Premium Waiver

·         Travel Insurance


We can offer alternative investments for our clients, please contact us if you are interested.


Travel insurance

Are you going on vacation?

Then we can offer a comprehensive travel insurance for you. A travel insurance covers acute illness and accident. The insurance gives you:


  • Unlimited medical cover

  • In-patient treatment

  • Out-patient treatment

  • Evacuation

  • Repatriation

  • Compassionate emergency repatriation

  • Compassionate emergency visit

  • Statutory arrangements in case of death

  • Home transportation of the deceased


You can choose between a single paid or an annual travel insurance.


You can also choose the non-medical option which includes:

  • Personal accident – death and disability

  • Baggage – theft, loss or damage

  • Baggage delay

  • Theft of passport/cash

  • Personal liability – property damage

  • Personal liability – bodily injury

  • Flight delay

  • Hospital daily benefit

  • Security and legal assistance


 Besides the insurance you have:

  • Worldwide cover

  • Unlimited medical cover

  • 24/7 in-house emergency services

  • Free choice of recinised hospitals and doctors.

  • No deductible/exess or co-payment on Basic cover.

  • Most dangerous sports and occupation covered

  • Children under two free of charge.


Please contact Tellus for more information.




Do you have a suggestion  where Tellus should go next time?

Sometimes Tellus hold seminar abroad and visit new places. We discuss which insurances that are important to have as an expat, as a family or if you are locally employed.

After the seminars you can book a private meeting with Tellus, which of course is free of charge for you as an individual and also for companies.

Please contact us if you have any suggestions where we should go next time.

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